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Documents notarized by notary public in Brampton

The expression “the job is not finished until the paperwork is done” is very true. By the same token, some documents aren’t considered legal and binding until they have been legally notarized. That's where we come in.  At David Cohen we offer notary public for Brampton documents.

Why Would You Need a Notary Public?

At the heart of it, notary public services are people recognized by the government to act as impartial witnesses when you are signing a document in order to ensure you are legally able to sign the document, that you are sound of mind and understand what you’re signing, and that you’re not under duress and being forced into signing something you don’t want to. This is paramount to preventing fraud.

People potentially sign a lot of documents at law offices and sometimes these documents need to be notarized in order to be legally recognized so it’s certainly to our advantage to have a notary public in our Brampton law offices in order to offer you peace of mind and streamline the process instead of you having to go to a secondary location in order to sign your documents and come back.

Your document must be affixed with the mark of a Notary Public if you want to:

  • Authenticate Something
  • Affirm that You Took an Oath
  • Obtain a Certified Legal Copy of a Document
  • Allow Your Dependents to Travel Out of the Country
  • And More

You can find your notary public in Brampton at David Cohen Law Office. We offer notary service for reasonable rates, with quick service. Let us help you finalize the paperwork so you can move on to other things.

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