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When you are buying or selling a house, rely upon trusted mortgage lawyers in Brampton who will take care of all the legal aspects for you. 


The David Cohen Law Office has been handling mortgage refinances for over three decades. We can help make sure your rights and property are protected as you proceed with the new arrangement.


It is the responsibility of the mortgage lawyer to see that all the necessary paperwork required during the transaction related to the property is carried out according to procedure. With many years of experience in this field, our mortgage lawyers in Brampton will make things easy for you.  


Why Should You Hire Mortgage Lawyer? 


Often you may think that buying or selling a property is a simple procedure, and you may be confident in carrying out all the work on your own. However, hiring a mortgage lawyer will ensure nothing gets missed for such an important transaction.  


  • Paperwork – This involves understanding the legal aspects, the terms and the transactions to complete the paperwork accordingly.  
  • Complex Contracts – If there is a situation where you are buying a property from an entity such as a trust or a partnership, their contracts will be much complex. A mortgage lawyer will make things easier helping to sort through the process.   
  • Title Change – An important part of the property transaction is to dictate the title to the homeowner. This document confirms the seller’s ownership rights. 


All these processes can be made easy when you hire a mortgage lawyer.  


Mortgage Refinancing  


If you are looking for mortgage refinancing, we are here to help you. Mortgage refinancing is the process where you replace the existing mortgage with a new one. However, the terms and conditions with the new mortgage will be different from the original.  


This process will help you to save money if the interest rate on the new loan is significantly less than the original mortgage. Sometimes, you can also pay off other debts using this amount.  


We also provide legal services for residential real estate, notary and more.  


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